Not in Hospital Right Now, but I’m in Out-Patient Chemotherapy

In the hospital was my first blog. Well, guess what? Not anymore! Chemo is working. I can eat now. Things are looking good. Thanks for the many cards, flowers, phone calls, facebook messages, thoughts and prayers. I am very grateful. Amazing Grace has never meant so much to me as it does now.

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Fears and/or Phobias of 2021

Breathing because of Covid Breathing because of pollution Breathing because of second hand smoke Ones Death from Covid Ones Shots for or from Covid Hospitalization from Covid Death of friends or family from Covid Hospitalization of friends or family from Covid Hospitalization, in general Death Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer; okay, any cancer! Heart Attack DiabetesContinue reading “Fears and/or Phobias of 2021”

Strategies for Fear

Strategies for Fear Move away somehow:  drive away, fly away, walk, or even run.  Just Leave. Get out your skepticism and Verbally Fight Your Fears.  Talk to them, whether they be a person, place or thing.  Be bitchy. Rebel. Find your fear’s faults and tell everyone all about them.  Protest. Let someone else go first. Continue reading “Strategies for Fear”

Why do we watch scary movies?

I’ve been pondering why we (including myself) watch scary movies. What is it that we are hoping to experience? Trauma? Adrenolyn from sensations of fear (Like a roller coaster ride)? Bad dreams? PTSD? Perspective? Reassurance? (I don’t have to worry about vampires in real life because they are not real.) Gratefulness for a life freeContinue reading “Why do we watch scary movies?”

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